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Our Grout Cleaning Techs Deliver Amazing Results While Restoring a Bathroom Floor in Raleigh

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May 11, 2024

It's hard to make a room look good while fighting the effects of wear and tear on your grout. A homeowner in Raleigh started to feel the pressure as new problems piled up on her bathroom floor. The grout looked pretty neglected after accumulating stains for weeks, and no amount of scrubbing worked on the marks on the tiles. As a whole, the floor looked darker and unhygienic, and the homeowner felt more uncomfortable with each passing day.

Tile Floor Before and After a Grout Cleaning in Raleigh
One of her relatives recommended contacting a surface restoration company to handle the issue, so she went online looking for tile cleaning service in Raleigh. The homeowner looked through several options to cover all her bases, but it didn't take her long to confirm that there was no competition. She'd been convinced after reading about Sir Grout Raleigh and seeing all the results in our picture gallery.

So, she decided to contact our specialists via phone call and our live agent assisted her will all the necessary information. A few days later, our techs went to her house for an in-home evaluation, as requested during the call. They arrived in an identified vehicle and wore our classic uniform so the homeowner recognized them right away.

Inside the bathroom, our crew didn't have to look to far to spot the discoloration on the grout. The grout lines took a yellow-brown color near the toilet and other parts of the floor. Between that and the stains on the tiles, they could understand the homeowner's discomfort. When she went over her previous attempts to clean the floor, they explained that traditional cleaners do more harm than good, corroding the sealant and trapping much of the dirt on the porous surface. That's why our experts don't recommend continually exposing hard surfaces to soap-based cleaners, but the choice might be out of the homeowner's hands when there are so many of these products on the market.

The best course of action was to clean the grout and the ceramic tiles with our special equipment. Our techs tried their permeating cleaners on some of the stains so the client could see their effectiveness first hand. They also explained that the restoration process also entailed sealing the grout to keep it from absorbing more dirt later down the line. When they were done, the homeowner thanked them for their assistance and scheduled a new appointment.

On the agreed-upon date, our experts returned to her house for the restoration. They prepared the area quick and efficiently before soaking the floor with their surface-safe cleaner. After letting the product sit for a few minutes, our specialists removed all the loose dirt with a high-speed scrubbing machine, making several laps around the bathroom to work through all the stains.

This part of the process left the floor looking much better; the color on the tiles looked more vivid and the texture was on full display after having removed the embedded soil from the pores. To complete the grout's restoration, our crew apply gray sealant on the grout, as per the client's preference. Sir Grout's ColorSeal protects grout surfaces by creating a protective barrier that repels mold, mildew, grime, and other external agents. There's no better way to improve your cleaning results, even when dealing with bathroom surfaces and other high-traffic areas.

The restoration was a complete success. Our experts buffed the floor and showed the result to the client so she could see the quality of our work. As expected, she was ecstatic and praised our skills while admiring the floor's new beauty.

While putting away their equipment, our techs shared some useful tips with the homeowner. They started by recommending pH-neutral products like Sir Grout's Natural Hard Surface Cleaner. There's no shortage of soap-based cleaners in the market, but these products only add more to your plate. Our product's formula combines only the best ingredients to provide more effectiveness and satisfying results. It removes common stains in minutes, and homeowners no longer have to be exposed to toxic fumes during their chores. Our experts also recommended combining pH-neutral cleaners with non-abrasive tools to optimize a household's cleaning routine. Ceramic tile floors are subjected to a lot of damage when you use a steel wool to scrub off the dirt. A clean mop or a towel will remove all the stains easily while bringing out the beauty of your ceramic surfaces.

Our last tip was to open the windows and doors every day to let fresh air into different parts of the house. The quality of your ventilation system can make a huge difference in your cleaning results; when the room is stuffy and the air becomes stale, chances are you have to deal with mold and mildew during your weekly cleaning sessions.

If you're hit a dead end in your cleaning efforts, don't worry! Sir Grout Raleigh is here to provide the perfect solution to restore the beauty of your hard surfaces. Our specialists can help you remove embedded dirt and fix the damage your grout has sustained in the past. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Just call (919) 578-5999 or schedule a free quote online to request an appointment. You can also subscribe to our newsletter so you don't miss our latest promotions and updates.
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