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Our Tile and Grout Cleaners Amazed a Couple in Raleigh with the Best Restoration Service

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October 03, 2023

A couple in Raleigh had tried countless cleaning products to remove the stains on their tile and grout surfaces. All their cleaning efforts seemed to go to waste as the mold in the shower only became more visible, especially on the joints. The couple couldn't stand having an unhygienic shower and dirty floors, so they contacted our tile and grout cleaners in Raleigh to take care of the problem.

Shower Before and After a Service from Our Tile and Grout Cleaners in Raleigh
Weeks before finding Sir Grout Raleigh, the homeowners had already talked about hiring a hard surface restoration service for their laundry room floor. With two doors connecting the laundry room to other parts of the house, this area was subjected to constant foot traffic when the household chores were in full swing. As a result, the grout was almost completely covered in dirt, making the whole floor look darker.

The most practical approach was to get a professional to inspect the shower and the laundry room floor on the same day. It would save the couple time on their schedule and simplify the restorations. They contacted Sir Grout Raleigh as soon as they found our website online, filling out the "Request a Quote" form to ask for an in-home evaluation.

Laundry Room Floor Before and After a Service from Our Tile and Grout Cleaners in Raleigh
On the appointed date, our specialists went to the client's house for the inspection. They were first led to the shower, where they checked the state of the grout and the joints. As the clients had described earlier, there was mold on the grout and soap scum on the tiles close to the bathtub. More importantly, the shower joints were cracked and fully covered in dirt. Our specialists explained that the harsh ingredients in traditional cleaners damage the grout while wearing down the sealant, which is why the shower accumulated so much dirt in less than a month.

When they entered the laundry room, our techs immediately noticed the soil embedded in the grout and the dirt that the tiles had accumulated on their pores. Since the clients used the same cleaning products on all their hard surfaces, there was no mystery about the cause of the problem. After completing their evaluation, our techs explained Sir Grout's restoration method. They needed to clean the surfaces using their professional equipment and apply a sealant to preserve the grout and tiles against new stains. The shower joints also needed to be recaulked to resist the effects of wear and tear more effectively. The clients agreed with this approach and scheduled a new appointment with our specialists.

As per the clients' request, our techs came back later that week to work on the restoration. They began working on the shower and moved on to the laundry room floor after all shower surfaces had been sealed. In both cases, the restoration process started with a thorough cleaning service using a pH-neutral cleaner. Our product helps remove all the embedded dirt after it stays on the surface for a few minutes, all without causing long-term damage to the grout and the tiles. To provide greater protection, our specialists steam cleaned the shower from top to bottom.

The grout lines were sealed with Sir Grout's special ColorSeal. Our sealant represents the best protection against soil, mold, mildew, and soap scum, warding off external elements and enhancing the grout's beauty. By the end of the process, the grout lines on both the shower walls and the laundry room floor perfectly matched the color of the tiles.
To complete the shower's restoration, our specialists removed the loose caulk from the horizontal and vertical joints. Then, they installed epoxy grout to make the joints more resistant to water and other liquids.

The clients were delighted by the results. They loved the shower's new look and marveled at how much better the surface was now that the grout looked smooth and spotless. They thanked our specialists for their services and promised to tell everyone they knew about Sir Grout Raleigh.

Our specialists offered some additional cleaning tips, and the couple welcomed all our recommendations. We explained that pH-neutral products like Sir Grout's Natural Hard Surface Cleaner are the safest alternative to chemical cleaners and soap-based formulas. Our product removes dirt, soap scum, spills, and soil without weakening the sealant after regular use. It's also free of chemicals, so people don't have to worry about releasing toxic fumes into the air each time they do their chores. To avoid damaging the tiles with harsh scrubbing, our specialists recommended using non-abrasive tools like a mop, a towel, or a terry cloth. Optimal indoor ventilation is also important; it helps prevent moisture buildup and counters the signs of decay on surfaces that receive a lot of foot traffic. As long as the couple kept these tips in mind during their weekly cleaning, their floor and shower surfaces would remain spotless for years on end.

If you have dirt and soil ruining your grout's look, Sir Grout Raleigh has what it takes to restore all household surfaces to their natural beauty. Our specialists provide a thorough process that's also safe for grout, tile, and natural stone, with results that will stand to all the effects of wear and tear. Feel free to call (919) 578-5999 or fill out the "Request a Quote" form on our website to schedule an in-home evaluation. And don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter to learn more about our latest info and promotions.
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